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Injury Finance is the industry leader in medical funding. As one of the first companies of its kind,

we started Injury Finance because we saw an opportunity to serve an uninsured and under-insured population

in need of medical treatment. The needs of injured individuals will always come first for us. That’s non-negotiable.


In 2003, the Colorado legislature repealed its auto laws, going from a personal injury protection state to tort

essentially overnight. This law change left hundreds of thousands of individuals unable to secure the medical

treatment they needed to recover from injuries sustained through no fault of their own.


During this time, Scott Burke, MD, was a practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation physician in Denver.

He was devastated by what this legislative change would mean for uninsured and underinsured personal injury victims,

and how it would hinder their ability to seek the treatment they needed to recover. Dr. Burke knew that he needed to act.


On a white board in the back of his busy medical office, Dr. Burke and Krista Meardon, now COO of Injury Finance,

spent countless hours figuring out how to bring quality health care to those injured through no fault of their own.

They developed a plan for a business that would focus on building relationships aligning the interests of individuals

involved in personal injury cases, the law firms that represent them and the medical providers that treat them. With

the business model solidified, they incorporated as Injury Factoring, LLC, known today as Injury Finance.


Almost 15 years later, Injury Finance remains a leader in the healthcare funding industry and continues to operate

with the same philanthropic values it did in the very beginning. Injury Finance brings a unique perspective to the healthcare

funding space. As one of the first companies of its kind in the country, it remains one of the very few that is

owned and operated by a physician.


Relationship Focused.

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"Injury Finance is a rock solid company that is a pleasure to work with and can be relied upon to do what is right for the client."
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