Attorney Services

Attorney Services


A day in the life of an attorney is fast-paced and demanding, especially when you’re
dealing with personal injury cases with clients who are uninsured, underinsured or
cannot afford to pay their co-pays or deductibles. Assisting these clients and helping
them get the care they need can be time-consuming.

That’s where we come in, and at no cost to you.


Dedicated Case Managers


When you work with Injury Finance, you have a dedicated case manager who is
committed to helping your client get the high-quality medical attention they need.
Serving as your primary point of contact, our case managers are responsive and
knowledgeable. They use their medical and legal backgrounds to create a customized

process that addresses the specific needs of your client. 


At Injury Finance, you will never bounce around from person to person trying to get
updates on your client’s medical care. Your dedicated case manager serves as an
extension of your team, ready and available with up-to-date information on your
client’s treatment status. Medical records are available 24/7 on our secure, online Attorney Portal.


Ancillary Services


We also offer ancillary services designed to help you minimize the additional work
that typically comes with personal injury cases. These services include:

  • – Transportation assistance
  • – Interpretation assistance
  • – Medical records collection
  • – Educational medical presentations that can be eligible for CLE credits
  • -Case reviews

Zero Cost to You and Your Client


We never charge you or your client any fees or interest for our services. As your client
receives treatment, we purchase the injured individual’s lien agreement and associated
medical bills from the providers . Once the case concludes, your client simply owes

the providers’ standard billed amounts, not a penny more.


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