Provider Services

Provider Services


As a physician-owned, physician-led company, we understand firsthand what it means to treat patients on a lien. We have

worked tirelessly to create a business model that takes that financial risk off your shoulders. With Injury Finance, you can treat

uninsured or underinsured patients without taking on the financial burden of your own lien. Plus, we guarantee payment within

30 days of receiving a patient’s bill.

Founder and CEO Scott Burke, MD, started this business because he cares about people.

You can rest assured knowing the needs of the injured individual will always come first at Injury Finance.

How It Works

You treat your patients as their needs present, Injury Finance will agree to purchase their existing debt or future debt based upon

your recommendations. All purchases are completed expeditiously, so you remain focused on medical care rather than the financial

risk of non-payment or significantly delayed payment waiting for your patient to settle their underlying personal injury claim.

We also offer a convenient and secure Provider Portal to ensure you have the most up-

to-date information about your patient.

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Relationship Focused.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Injury Finance is a rock solid company that is a pleasure to work with and can be relied upon to do what is right for the client."
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