“I highly recommend Injury Finance. Dr. Scott Burke takes very seriously the task of getting injury victims to the right medical professionals –those who can help injured people get better but who are ready and willing to testify competently when needed. Injury Finance is the only finance company that is owned and run by a doctor, and that matters.”

– Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney

 “My contact is Lindsey Krieger. When accidents happen, time is of the essence, and she works tirelessly to get injured parties to the right doctors as soon as humanly possible”

– Personal Injury Attorney

“Injury Finance is a critical tool that helps injury victims recover from the tort trap. Under Colorado’s tort system if your client doesn’t get medical care with objective findings and/or outcomes the client’s recovery can be limited.  Injury Finance’s doctors and medical providers are some of the best in the state and they provide the care to help clients recover and provide the objective evidence that attorneys need to help their clients. As a direct result of this high quality care, Injury Finance has helped hundreds of my clients receive higher than average settlements which help them further along the road to recovery.  It should also be noted that, unlike other medical finance companies, Injury Finance is a rock solid company that is a pleasure to work with and can be relied upon to do what is right for the client. Thank you for all you do for my clients.”

– Scott (Personal Injury Lawyer)

“Injury Finance is a wonderful company with a dedicated team of professionals who really care about the clients whose treatment they secure. Like it or not, in America, you can have health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. and still not get the care you need. There when you need them, IF helps our clients see the right doctors quickly and will always work with our office directly on billing issues. Krista, the company’s COO, passionately advocates for laws that protect our injured clients from the greed of insurance companies. It means so much that this company’s brand is also a purpose. If you like to make life as easy as possible for your clients and yourself, call Jessica, Krista, Scott, Valerie or any of the friendly folks you will know by name before too long”

– Denver Personal Injury Attorney

“I have used Injury Finance for more than ten years and couldn’t be happier with their service.  First, the intake process is super easy. I call or email, let them know I have a new case and need help,  and they take it from there. No super complicated underwriting process. Second, their case managers are  the best! If I need a referral or quick update form a provider, I always get a fast response. Finally, they always seem able to work with me on difficult cases. Thumbs up from here!”

– R. K. (Personal Injury Attorney)

“Injury Finance is simply the best, brightest and most competent finance company in Colorado. I could not be happier with the customer service provided by Lindsey Kreiger. She gets our clients to the right doctors extremely quickly, and her efficiency has a direct bearing on better settlements for our clients.”

– T.D. (Personal Injury Attorney)

“I have worked with Injury Finance, amongst other medical funding companies, for over three years. I can truly say that Injury Finance is by far the most consistently professional, courteous, and efficient funding company I work with. They are easy to work with, their portal is intuitive and very effective, and they understand the attention to detail personal injury cases require. In particular, our current case manager, Dustin, is the most thorough person I have worked with. I cannot express how highly I appreciate and respect his work. When our clients need funding, I immediately think of Injury Finance”

– Lauren (Personal Injury Paralegal)

“I want the very best for my clients as they navigate their recoveries and I know that I can trust Injury Finance to assist in that process. The case managers are diligent and polite in their communications. They ensure seamless continuation of care among providers and always go above and beyond to accommodate the particular needs of each client and case.”

– L.V. (Personal Injury Attorney)

“I have worked with Injury Finance for quite a few years now. The staff is very willing to help and are very knowledgeable. James, in particular, has been very helpful and is always knowledgeable about treatments and doctors. I feel that if for some reason we have any problem, James is always on top of it right away!”

– T.L. (Personal Injury Paralegal)

“James Bischoffberger, our case manager at Injury Finance, is such a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. We here at Gabriel N. Schwartz, P.C., take comfort in knowing that Mr.Bischoffberger will take care of our clients and keep us informed of their progress and treatment. We refer the majority of our clients to Injury Finance because we feel the company does an amazing job of guiding clients through their recovery and providing us with excellent service. “

– Elizabeth Hale, Paralegal, Gabriel N Schwartz, PC

“Working with Injury Finance has been a genuine pleasure. The network of medical providers they have is second to none, their support staff truly understands the value of customer service, and the communication my firm receives from their medical coordination team ensures cases move along at a remarkable pace.”

 Brett A. Buchheit, Esq., Rocky Mountain Personal Injury Lawyers LLC

“Whenever I have a personal injury client without health insurance, Injury Finance is my first stop to get them the care that they need.  Thus far my clients’ experiences have been excellent and Injury Finance has gone out of its way to ensure that continues.”

– Matthew A. Crowther, Esq.

“We love the team over at Injury Finance.  They are always very responsive to any requests and do a great job keeping us updated with our clients’ treatment.”

– Colorado Personal Injury Attorney

“I instruct my case managers to work with Injury Finance because they’re attentive, quick with their responses, and always willing to accommodate my clients needs when they arise.  When we need a favor on a particular case, they’re willing to work with us, and we make sure to take care of them on the next case.  Its these types of professional relationships that allow injured parties to get the maximum benefit from medical treatment, and, in turn, the maximum settlement value.”

– Ross Moore II, P.C. 

“I/F is very attentive and offers clients quality medical care that would otherwise be unattainable. My firm’s representative, Meghan Neil, has been nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY throughout the entire process of getting to know and trust I/F as a trustworthy  source for our clients. Meghan is knowledgeable, hands on, and definitely an asset to your firm. ”

– M.A.R. & Assoc LLC

“We could not be more pleased with the care and attention that our clients get from Injury Finance.   The process is so very easy, and everyone is very accessible when needed. Breanna is our contact and Meghan is the Business Development Manager.  Both ladies are very helpful and attentive to our needs at the firm.   They take such great care of us.   Thank you all for all you do for our clients”

– Dana (Personal Injury Paralegal)

“I love working with Injury Finance!  Every time my client has needed funding there is a fast turn-around.  The team at Injury Finance, especially Meghan Neil, works diligently and effectively to get my client’s the funding they need.”

– M.M. (Personal Injury Attorney)

“I can always count on Meghan Neil and her team, especially Breanna, to rise to any challenge that I give them to arrange treatment for our clients.  They are professional and quick to respond to any questions I may have concerning the treatment status of our clients.  It has been a pleasure to work with them over the past few years and I look forward to using Injury Finance in the future.”

– Pam (Paralegal, Savannah)

“Injury Finance is the company I work with to help my clients get the treatment they need. They are proactive, organized, and professional and I always look forward to working with their team.”

– KB (Georgia Personal Injury Attorney)

“Injury Finance is an invaluable resource for personal injury lawyers and their clients. The difference between Injury Finance and other companies is their first class team, which is always available, helpful, honest, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, you can always trust Injury Finance to do right by your clients.”

– Mike (Georgia Personal Injury Attorney)

“Actually, everyone at Injury Finance have been amazing. Thank you for all that you do for our clients.”

– Nicole Griffin 

“I love working with James and Injury Finance. James really works hard on getting clients referred to the most appropriate providers and works so hard making sure all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. He further goes above and beyond in helping coordinating continued care with health insurances after attorney representation is concluded. Injury Finance overall is a great company to work with who strives to help patients first and foremost with getting access to medical attention needed after an auto accident.”

– Bridgette M. (Personal Injury Paralegal​) 

“Injury Finance is amazing! My case manager, James, is incredibly organized, efficient and just overall awesome! Sometimes I’m not sure what I’d do without him in this profession! Highly recommend IF!”

– Elizabeth (Personal Injury Paralegal)​ 


“Injury Finance is a great company to work with! Their case managers are polite and respond in a prompt fashion. Always a pleasure to work with and recommend them to patients all the time!”

– D.D. (Medical Office Staff)

“As a physical and massage outpatient clinic we have worked with many lien companies throughout the years and without hesitation Injury Finance has our highest endorsement. The case managers and staff are compassionate, knowledgeable and consistent. During the difficult times that our clients deal with the process of being involved in a motor vehicle accidents or other accidents. Injury Finance works hard to coordinate their every detail of their care and have effective communication and excellent people skills to walk the clients through the process of recovery”

– Jaime Swanson, DPT, CEO

“Over the past 6 years, I have had the opportunity to work with several Medical Funding companies.  I have found that Injury Finance consistently exceeds expectations. Their team of case managers are easily accessible and work tirelessly to ensure that our patients are provided the care they need in an exceptionally timely fashion.”

– Care Coordinator

“Working with a great company like Injury Finance makes our goals for our patients attainable. Their case managers and physician relations personnel are always available. Injury Finance definitely sets the bar.”

– Derrick Camacho

“At Allpria Healthcare we are a doctor owned clinic with patients as our top priority.  We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and professional so it is no surprise that we have found a friend in Injury Finance.  IF is professional, efficient and easy to work with, as well as doctor owned!.  Navigating the waters of an injury resulting in pain, and all the legal issues that follow is overwhelming for patients. We at Allpria are able to help the patients through the healing part of their process while IF handles the details of their medical bills and legal situation.  We are thankful to have met a likeminded group of folks with the focus on patients getting well and reclaiming their lives.”

– Allpria Healthcare

“Injury Finance has been excellent to work with. All of their team members have excellent communication skills allowing our working relationship to evolve and grow as we both make their patients the number one priority. Every day they are pushing to give their patients the best care possible. We are thankful they choose us to facilitate their patient’s recovery.”

– Kelsey, BD

“Without a doubt, one of the most professional, kind, efficient organizations I’ve worked with. Our patients love these qualities they inhibit and they don’t have to worry about their medical bills not getting paid quickly. Easily 5 stars. I wanted to find a 6th”

– Julie G.


“The entire staff at I/F was great. EV treated me with kindness and respect.  I am very thankful for their help with my medical treatment. I would recommend I/F to any of my friends/family.”

– N.H.S. (Injury Finance Client)

“I would like to start by saying that Injury Finance came through for me and they were a big help for the job that they did. They cared about what I was going through and I really appreciated that. All the providers were great! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. God Bless You.”

– Marlon F. (Injury Finance Client)

“I thank you for all you are doing for me. I am so thankful and appreciative for your services. It is wonderful to have someone like Leslie and Injury Finance backing me up”

– Jesse B. (Injury Finance Client)

“Injury Finance helped get me back on my feet, and for that, I am forever grateful! Thank you, Injury Finance, from the bottom of my heart!”

– Maria M. (Injury Finance Client)

“I was involved in a car accident. I did not have health insurance. My law firm [referred] me to Injury Finance. I was surprised at the quality of health care providers in their network. The Dr they sent me to has taught medicine at Harvard. The psychologists a local high end university. Injury Finance is very easy to work with and returns your calls ASAP. They made the difference in getting the quality medical care I got. Thanks. If you are ever in need, ask your attorney to contact them!”

– Larry D. (Injury Finance Client)

“Lindsey is an absolute shining star in your company. We hope to never have a need for your services again, but we would not hesitate to use your services again, because of her professionalism and genuine caring attitude. We will, however, continue to tell our family and friends of the superior service Lindsey and [Injury Finance] has provided to us. We have shopped your services to others already, and will continue to do so.  Thank you again for the high caliber employee, Lindsey, and to Injury Finance also. It would have been more difficult and emotionally draining without her. She made this horrible experience much easier to endure with her help. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts”

– R.L.W. & T.L.C. (Injury Finance Clients)

“Injury Finance has been incredible to work with. They helped me at a time in my life when I truly thought all hope was lost. After an auto accident that was not my fault, I was facing major shoulder repair surgery. Fees for the surgeon and surgery center had to be paid up front. I did not have that kind of money and was in excruciating pain. I was referred to Injury Finance by my attorney’s office. Dustin DeBusk has been wonderful to work with.  He actually cares about what happened to me and often asks how I’m doing. I’ve had one surgery and things are going well.  My physical therapist’s office has also told me how easy it is to work withInjury Finance on the billing side.  I would not be on my road to recovery without them. I would highly recommend them to my friends and loved ones, and of course, anyone else!”  

– Nancy D. (Injury Finance Client)

“The caring and efficient service my husband and I have received from Dustin Debusk at Injury Finance has been beyond anything I could have imagined. Navigating our way through this process would have been near impossible without this great associate and company. Dustin has gone above and beyond his duties. He not only recommended Doctors but also set appointments and continuously follows up. He is here for us until the healing is done and we no longer need medical assistance. Thank you Dustin for being an outstanding employee and human being!”

– Sara T. (Injury Finance Client)

“James was a constant source of reliability and comfort for me in a very scary and frustrating time in my life. After being hit head on by an intoxicated driver, my world had literally be spun upside down. With all of the pain and confusion that comes with being injured in an accident, it becomes difficult to make decisions, find the right doctors and even know whom to trust. James was there for me every step of the way. He set me up with a great team of doctors and even made time to check in with me before and after my scheduled visits. He never made me feel embarrassed when I would be emotional or simply confused with all of the details that go into an injury case. I appreciate his professionalism and kindness. Thank you, James, I am forever grateful!”

– S.B. (Injury Finance Client)

Working with Taylor at Injury Finance was such a great experience! She was extremely communicative, friendly and was always happy to answer any question I had–no matter how small. I appreciated every time she checked in on me to make sure I was please with the care I was receiving. I highly recommend this company!

– Meredith M. (Injury Finance Client)

Working with James has been a pleasure! He provided excellent customer service with no issues. He was very patient with my case and kept me informed at all times. He showed concern for my well being and what I was going through. Their service is exceptional! I would highly recommend.

– Lindsey R. (Injury Finance Client)

Great provider[s]. Works very hard to help people who have no other way to get treatment when someone else injures them.

– Kenard L. (Injury Finance Client)

My experience with James at Injury finance has been wonderful, considering the very stressful situation following the car accident and having to go through subsequent surgeries, James was professional, considerate and kept me in the loop throughout and navigated well when dealing with delays outside of our control . Excellent service. Thank you.

– Lisa C. (Injury Finance Client)

My experience is [sic] by far the best, Dustin one day took time to talk to me about all my concerns. Really made me feel good cause the call lasted 48 minutes and I’m sure he still had alot of work to get done. Would I use them again 100% I would use them again. So that being said I wanna thank the team over there and Dustin, you guys are amazing!!!

– Robert S. (Injury Finance Client)

Injury Finance is one of the best. They are on their game (especially James). Very quick responses, honest and great to work with.

– Nina M. (Injury Finance Client)

“Injury Finance is great! Dustin Debusk was my case manager and he did an amazing job. Excellent service .always returned my calls and emails quickly .answered all my questions and was very professional .thank you guys for being so helpful and amazing!

– Sheila T. (Injury Finance Client)

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